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Story 9 Months Ki 8th April 2021: Check Out Today's Episode Highlights Spoiler Alert Twist & Turns

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So Hereabouts, we are returning back with the update of the Sony television show titled "Story 9 Months Ki". The scene commences with Sarang as he put in some special time with his girl when she gets back. She states to him how she grapples with the youngsters who are teasing her. He replies to her that she shouldn't perform it as though she acts similar to this, everybody would betray her dad for her manner. She states she would correct that individual. Agastya states sorry to Agastya. She wanted to take him to her workplace whereas she gets to grasp she had a high fever. 

Story 9 Months Ki 8th April 2021

Story 9 Months Ki 8th April 2021 Full Episode Highlights

She states to him that she requires to proffer him a great life. He states there is no requirement to state sorry to him as she performs a ton for him. He explains to her that she acquired out how to compete for himself by the comic book & states he would endeavour to battle again towards those rascals. Sayuri becomes enthusiastic to watch Kavya at her residence & termed her Mumma though Sarang informs her to call auntie to her. Then repeatedly, Alia takes Rabia's phone call when Agasty naps. Alia discusses with her regarding Agastya, she explains to her regarding Aggu's school circumstances.

Ultimately, Alia discusses with Sarang on the site. The two of them presents their tension to one another. Alia states to her what Agastya replied to her & wishes he would replace. The two of them endeavour to present their private life though pauses estimate it would be embarrassing. The two of them go disconnected collectively responding bye to one another. The subsequent day, Sayuri endeavours to influence Sarang to travel to Mumbai though he isn't prepared to listen to her out. Sayuri states she makes a plan for family & she doesn't have the haziest conception of who is her mom. Then repeatedly, Agastya would gonna explain a lesson to the rascals & strongly performed it. 

Following daring those rascals, he believes that the comic book is awesome as the book presents him real detail to contest towards the tormentors. Alia discusses with her dad & imputes him for her severance. She replies to him that she is the individual who ravaged her connection with Sarang & demands that he left her & his child's life. Sarang becomes up annoyed when Sayuri reserved the tickets for Mumbai with Kavya. You could grab the complete show "Story 9 Months Ki" on Sony at 10 PM IST and stay tuned with us for more latest updates and information. The above details are provided as per www.getindianews.com.

source https://phonewale1.blogspot.com/2021/04/story-9-months-ki-8th-april-2021-check.html

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